The ATS Team offers the most empowering rock climbing school in the Western United States. We will provide you with the skills needed to be out on your own in the safest environment possible.  Our multi-level courses will take you from a beginner climber to a lead climber. Finishing out the courses will allow you to enjoy Rock Climbing on your own without assitance our guidance.


Please read on to learn about our comprehensive course offerings which take place year round in Joshua Tree National Park and the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles.


  • Rock Climbing Intro Weekend

    Our most popular program takes the beginner climber or gym climber looking to move outside and introduces them to the world of climbing. Expect a thorough introduction to the gear for climbing, the rating system, route finding, basic techniques, intro to anchors, and more.


    PRICE: $330      DAYS: 2       DIFFICULTY: Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 1 - Intro to Climbing

    The Rock Climbing I Course is designed for total beginners or gym climbers looking to move onto real rock. These safe and fun courses focus on building a strong foundation of skills to start your climbing career


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1    DIIFICULTY: Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 2 - Anchors

    The Rock Climbing II course is a beginner rock climbing top rope anchor building class. We will spend the first half of the day at an on-site ground school working on proper placements and equalization of rock climbing protection including: placing passive and active protection (spring loaded camming devices, stoppers, tri-cams, hexcentrics, etc.), route selection, top rope anchor site selections, & assessing and backing up fixed anchors. The remaining part of the day will be spent atop a cliff building basic anchor systems, and then climbing on the work we have done. We will finish the day with a rappel. If time permits, we'll cover antique gear including broken and misused gear and anchors.


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1       DIFFICULTY: Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 3 - Lead Climbing

    This is a full-on lead climbing two day course. The purpose of this course is to educate and instruct a climber on how to safely step into the world of lead climbing. Topics covered include route finding and climbing topo map reading, rope management, gear selection and racking methods, how to protect a climb, proper placement techniques, establishing a belay stance, proper belay techniques, and how to follow and clean a leader. This class is taught with very few students (2-4) in order to encourage as much learning as possible.


    Prior rock climbing experience is required.


    PRICE: $330     DAYS: 2       DIFFICULTY: Level 4 of 4

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  • Turkey and Techno

    Turkey 'n' Techno is an annual event from Alpine Training Services. A celebration in the desert with a great Holiday turkey meal on Saturday. There's rock climbing, good food, camping under the stars, laughter, and tons of fun! Both days are filled with endless desert climbing. Turkey n' Techno is open to anyone that digs climbing and likes having an awesome time with friends.


    PRICE: Day 1 $85 / Day 2 $75 / Both Days $150     DAYS: 2       DIFFICULTY: Level 1-4 DOE

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"The class was incredible, and I will be back again, and again, and again." - Phil M.


"I just wanted to thank ATS again for one of the most amazing trips of my life so far. I'm really glad I met you guys and became friends. This has been one incredible year full of new experiences. I can 't wait to see what's next!" - Ronald H.


"I can't thank you guys enough for the great time my son and I had last month. You guys are the best!" - Patrick C.


"I can't thank you guys enough for the great time my son and I had last month. You guys are the best!" - Patrick C.


"Each member of the ATS team is the most incredible, kindest, and unbelievably patient group of people I have ever met. If I had gone through life without ever having met you, and done what I did, I would have missed out!" - Mike F.






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