Mountaineering is the sport of climbing mountains. Unlike rock climbing, mountaineering is typically done by a group of individuals, often roped together as they do semi-technical ascents of large mountains either on just rock or snow and ice. The ATS Team enjoys exclusive access to the tallest mountain in Los Angeles County where we teach our courses as weather conditions permit. This is typically from November to March of each year.


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***Opening day of Mountaineering is to be decided upon snow conditions.

  • Level 1 - Intro to Snow Camping

    Our two day course which covers the finer points of snow camping is perfect for mountaineers looking to move into the world of snow or just backpackers wanting to enjoy the beauty of winter camping....


    PRICE: $330      DAYS: 2       DIFFICULTY: Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 2 - Intro to Mountaineering

    This is a great course for those wanting to learn the basics of mountaineering for a future of mountain ascents. We spend a long day learning basic rope travel, ice axes and crampon use including self-arrest techniques, the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), safe travel techniques through snow and scree, and basic mountain navigation.


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1    DIIFICULTY: Level 2 of 4

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  • Level 3 - Intro to Snowshoeing

    Come explore the snowy landscape as we learn all the basics of showshoeing in this full day course. Participants can expect to hike 2-3 miles at altitude in snowshoes. We'll cover safe travel tactics, rescue options, and personal protective equipment (PPE).


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1       DIFFICULTY: Level 3 of 4

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  • Level 4 - Mt Whitney Mountaineer's Route Prep

    This is a great course for those training to tackle the mountaineer's route at Mt. Whitney or any of the other semi-technical introductory mountain routes in the Western United States. We focus specifically on the skillsets, group tactics, and PPE needed for the tallest mountain route in the lower 48 states. Please note this course does not in fact take place on Mt. Whitney but rather on the tallest mountain in Los Angeles County - Mt. Baldy


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1       DIFFICULTY:  Level 4 of 4

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"The class was incredible, and I will be back again, and again, and again." - Phil M.


"I just wanted to thank ATS again for one of the most amazing trips of my life so far. I'm really glad I met you guys and became friends. This has been one incredible year full of new experiences. I can 't wait to see what's next!" - Ronald H.


"I can't thank you guys enough for the great time my son and I had last month. You guys are the best!" - Patrick C.


"Each member of the ATS team is the most incredible, kindest, and unbelievably patient group of people I have ever met. If I had gone through life without ever having met you, and done what I did, I would have missed out!" - Mike F.








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