ATS Adventurworks. Courses, guided trips, and resources in canyoneering, mountaineering, and rock climbing.
Guided Trips


Welcome to ATS AdventureWorks. We are a professionally licensed, permitted and insured company delivering adventure-training courses that we have developed over a lifetime of outdoor adventures. With instructions from our courses, we help you first learn the sport, then practice it, and finally experience it on your own. Whether it is rappelling through canyons in one of our (six-level) canyoneering courses, climbing the cliffs of our (four-level) rock-climbing school, or learning the ropes at our (four-level) mountaineering school, you will find a course to suit your skill level.


Whether you are an absolute beginner and have never put on a harness, or even if you are experienced and have been climbing peaks for years, we have a course that will teach you new theories and introduce you to the most up-to-date gear on the market. After successful completion of our school, you will be able to pursue these sports on your own.


The ATS Team offers one day guided trips in Rock Climbing and Canyoneering to locales in Los Angeles. From beginner to expert, your skill set will be matched with our team. With 15 years of outdoor teaching experience, our staff will ensure your safety, let you see the outdoors from a perspective few ever see, and help check off some items on your bucket list.  Explore the outdoors with us today.





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