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Canyoneering Disclaimer

Canyoneering is an inherently dangerous sport where you face obstacles including drowning, stuck ropes, rockfall, broken bones, snakes and other venomous animals, frostbite, hypo and hyperthermia, and other life threatening outdoor related dangers.


Seek professional training before attempting any of the routes listed within this website.


Canyoneering is a team-based sport. Do not attempt any of these routes alone. You do not want to be faced with the dilemma of cutting your arm off (i.e. Aron Ralston was forced to amputate his arm after attempting a canyoneering route solo and becoming stuck).


This beta, like all outdoor route beta, is prone to inaccuracies. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety. Be prepared to rescue yourself or others in your group. Be prepared to build anchors in varied terrain. If you are not familiar with canyoneering specific rescue and anchor techniques, do not attempt the sport.


Get trained and then have fun.



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