Canyoneering takes place all over the Globe. Wherever you find a mountain range, you are likely to find technical canyon routes nearby. The ATS team will prepare you for a lifetime of canyon descents though our extensive course options. Upon successful completion of our courses, you will be able to take this sport into your own hands and conduct your own decents without the assistance of a guide.


If you have prior experience, feel free to contact us so we can place you in the correct course.


Courses are offered in California, Arizona, Washington, and Utah.



  • Three Day School

    Our most popular program takes the novice all the way from an intro of the sport to covering self-rescue. During this program you will complete three separate days of technical training with at least two canyon descents. This is the equivalent of taking our Canyoneering Level 1-3 courses.


    PRICE: $495      DAYS: 3       DIFFICULTY: Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 1 - Intro to Canyoneering

    A great intro to the sport with a full day spent descending a local canyoneering route. We'll cover gear, basic rope systems, and safety protocols, all while rappelling down waterfalls.


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1    DIFICULTY:  Level 1 of 4

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  • Level 2 - Anchors

    Spend a morning learning all the basic anchor systems for canyoneering followed by an afternoon of building your own anchors while descending a technical route. Emphasis is placed on leaving behind safe and professional anchors while learning how to cautiously inspect and backup previously installed anchors.


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1       DIFFICULTY: Level 2 of 4

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  • Level 3 - Self-Rescue

    This full day is spent learning how to help yourself when something goes wrong. Self-rescue is an integral part of any adventure sport and considerable time is spent on being prepared for what can happen. Depending on the location this course may take place inside or outside.


    PRICE: $165     DAYS: 1       DIFFICULTY: Level 2 of 4

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  • Level 4 - Intro to Advanced Rope Systems and Swiftwater

    At this intensive two day course, you'll have the chance to learn advanced rope systems and swiftwater rescue protocols specific to canyoneering. This course is only offered when the water is at the correct levels to create an optimal learning environment.


    PRICE: $330     DAYS: 2      DIFFICULTY: Level 4 of 4

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  • Level 5 - Group Rescue

    This course is for the canyoneer looking to take their skills to a whole new level. A full day is spent at a ground school going over every rescue scenario and solution that we can imagine. On the second day, we'll put it all to the test as we complete real time staged rescues during a technical canyon descent.


    PRICE: $330     DAYS: 2       DIFFICULTY: Level 4 of 4

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"I have learned more about ropes, anchors, and rescue in three days than my entire lifetime of adventure previous. At the risk of sounding cliched, you have changed my life. Thank you ATS." - Nick S.


"Thank you ATS for an amazing canyoneering experience!" - Craig F.


"Johann & I enjoyed the Canyoneering I course immensely. It is amazing how much hands-on experience and how much personalized instruction we received in one day. I literally cannot imagine a more thorough and exciting introduction to the sport."

 - Michael L.


"My girlfriend Nancy and I participated in the Canyoneering I class in August. Our instructor Gavin was excellent and went beyond the call of duty. Nancy and I had the time of our lives. We look forward to future classes with ATS. You guys are awesome!" - Ray V.


"The class was incredible, and I will be back again, and again, and again." - Phil M.


"I just wanted to thank ATS again for one of the most amazing trips of my life so far. I'm really glad I met you guys and became friends. This has been one incredible year full of new experiences. I can 't wait to see what's next!" - Ronald H.


"I can't thank you guys enough for the great time my son and I had last month. You guys are the best!" - Patrick C.


"Each member of the ATS team is the most incredible, kindest, and unbelievably patient group of people I have ever met. If I had gone through life without ever having met you, and done what I did, I would have missed out!" - Mike F.


"You should definitely join ATS to practice your canyoneering techniques. They also provide opportunity for past clients to get to know one another and plan future canyoneering adventures." - Bob A.









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